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Skye is a courtesy listing. We will forward all requests for information about Skye, to her owner.

Skye is a 3yr old mini Australian Shepherd.  She is spayed, chipped, and up to date on all her vaccinations and vet visits. Skye has a circle of people who she absolutely adores and she is the best dog you can imagine with that group.  However, Skye suffers from fear based anxiety/reactivity/aggression with people she doesn't know well especially in and around the house. We have a 4 yr old step grandchild and a newborn granddaughter who are not in Skye's circle and this is the main reason she is being rehomed.  Although additional training may help, when company is over it's best if she's confined behind a gate or in a separate room for everyone's safety.   She is comfortable being separated, she doesn't bark and is never destructive. 


Skye is well trained in obedience, very athletic, never has accidents in the house and knows some great tricks like roll over.  She is very smart and can pick out her toys by name.  She's leash reactive to other dogs and sometimes bicyclists but she plays very well off leash with other dogs.  She loves taking walks/hikes, chasing toys, birds, squirrels and just hanging with her humans.


Skye would do best in a home without small children and a fenced yard with room to run.  She's fearful in kennels so if left for an extended period she would do better being taken care of in the home by someone she knows or a dog sitter that she has gotten to know.  

Skye is located in Alexandria, Virginia


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