Daisy | Tonya | Todd


Daisy, Tonya, and Todd are 5 month old litter-mates. These little cuties are lively, sweet pups, who probably won't exceed 30 pounds when mature.


Tonya and Todd are very similar in appearance, and Daisy appears to have a different daddy. Tonya and Todd appear to be Cattle Dog/ Miniature Pinscher mixes, and Daisy appears to be a Border Collie/Cattle Dog mix.


They were not well socialized when they came into rescue, but are happy, friendly pups now that they are comfortable in their foster home. They are crate trained but have not been leash trained.


Because of their shyness, they will not be adopted to families with children under 12 years old. They need patient, loving families willing to work with them on training and confidence.


Tonya is the smallest pup. She will probably be about 20 pounds when mature. She is also the friendliest and most confident pup of the group.


Todd is the largest pup and will probably be 25 - 30 pounds when mature. He is the most timid of the group; still a bit hesitant, but very sweet and loving once he gets to know you.


Daisy is about the same size as Todd and will probably be around 30 pounds when mature.

She is timid but less hesitant with people than Todd.

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