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Meet Jodie, a spayed female Border Collie mix, approximately 4 to 5 years old with a beautiful red &

white smooth coat. Jodie loves hikes, and car rides. She is happy romping, playing or even just laying

around relaxing. Jodie is good with other dogs and cats. She tends to be a little bossy with other dogs so

she would be best with a laid back dog who didn't mind her being in charge.

Jodie knows how to sit, loves to get her belly rubbed, and chase toys, although bringing them back is

something that is not guaranteed. She enjoys being a lap dog too. Jodie's in house behavior is great! No

accidents. Outside before bedtime then again in the morning. Jodie is crate trained but has had the run

of the house, even at night, and she does not get into things when not supervised. Jodie needs to work

on recall so a home with a fenced yard to run more freely would be best for her.

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