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Annie is a courtesy listing.  We will forward all requests for information about Annie to her owner.

Annie is a good hearted girl who wasn't given much structure or time in her early years. This has given her many fears and a few issues, some that could be overcome, others not so much. You can tell by how she responds to people that she wasn't given much love, and probably more than a few beatings but she wants to please.


She is currently being fostered in the hopes to find her forever home rather than ending up like so many shelter dogs. She was originally caught by animal control and surrendered by previous owners for "chasing sheep". Since taking her in, we have discovered that she is intimidated by larger dogs, and unsure, but not aggressive towards smaller dogs.


She is EXTREMELY people friendly. We feel that the ideal home for her would be no other dogs unless properly introduced, lots of exercise and reassurance to build confidence and a secure backyard. She is very smart, a bit food aggressive and knows where all the exits are, but doesn't attempt to jump 5ft fences. She is not compatible with goats, cows or chickens, however ducks and slower moving fowl have not been an issue. She is a beautiful, BIG, happy girl, but just not the right fit for a working farm with lots of potential snacks to grab.

Located in Beaver Dam, Virginia

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