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Zoe is a courtesy listing. We will forward all requests for information about Zoe, to her owner.


Meet Zoe, a 2.5 year old Australian Cattle Dog. Zoe came from Grizzly Hollow Farms , and is an AKC certified pedigree dog. She is spayed and up to date on all her vaccinations. She is crate trained and house trained and for the last 2.5 years has been a part of a family with 2 young kids. She gets along well with other dogs (not sure about other animals) and is extremely friendly to all people. The reason my family must part with her is that we are simply not able to provide her with the lifestyle that will let her thrive. Upon having to return full time in the workplace, and being fully engaged in the schedules of 2 young boys, we simply have not been able to provide her the time she needs for her abundant energy.


She needs a home that can dedicate to her the time and attention this breed needs, and regretfully we are not that. She is food driven and extremely appreciative of human attention (almost over so in that she wants to be on your lap and nudging your hand). She is also a little ignorant of more common house rules (jumping on the couch, counter surfing, being overly excited with new guests, etc). She has heeler tendencies of being a little mouthy, but has never been a threat to my 2 young children. I simply and am embarrassed to say, am just not a good dog dad to her. I was hoping to find a place where the home has the space and time to take her on adventures and work more closely with her to engage her mind.

She currently resides in Rockville, MD. 

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