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Scout is a courtesy listing. We will forward all requests for information about Scout, to her owner.

We are looking for a loving new home for our beloved 3 year old Australian Shepherd (red-tri), Scout.  Our Scout is a quintessential Aussie in many aspects: her high intelligence and eager-to-please nature means she is a quick learner/easy to train and responds well to commands (sit/stay/etc.).  She displays intense loyalty to her owner/family; however, her extremely loyal nature means she is territorial. She shies away from strangers and often sounds the alarm when strangers come within her territory (home, yard, on leash).

Given her need to have a job to do along with her protective instincts, our Aussie needs an experienced owner who knows how to properly channel her energy through consistent training, working, and/or exercise. She requires space to be active, whether working or running. She is great with dogs and people when she has an opportunity to investigate and warm up to them. She would be a truly wonderful companion for an owner who can be her "pack leader," letting her know she's not in-charge, and providing her consistent guidance on how to behave in unfamiliar situations. 

Scout is located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. If you're interested in Scout, please fill out a contact form (click the Inquire button below).