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Scout is a striking Australian Cattle Dog mix, possibly mixed with Border Collie. He is about 2 years old and weighs 40 pounds. Scout is a very playful, energetic boy who really enjoys playing with other dogs. His play style is fairly rough and tumble so he needs playmates who enjoy a vigorous romp.

When Scout came into rescue he was very fearful of having a slip leash or collar put around his neck. He didn't become aggressive, just went into a panic when it was attempted. We don't know what happened to cause this reaction but he obviously had a very bad experience. He now wears a harness and does fairly well when handled with his harness. He needs a patient, understanding person to continue working with this issue and building his confidence.


Since he has so much energy, he would make a great hiking or running partner once he becomes comfortable being on a leash. Please submit our adoption application if you would like to make this handsome boy part of your family.

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