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Ruby is a courtesy listing. We will forward all requests for information about Ruby, to her owner.

We found Ruby through a coworker of my daughter. She came from breeders that were losing their home and had to give away 14 doodles and Ruby. My daughter took one and I took Ruby. These dogs were flea infested not potty trained didn't know how to do stairs. Etc.. I thought I could handle a special needs dog because I worked with special needs children for 17 years. Ruby is blind in one eye and is partially deaf. I have a ten year old female Boxer that was deaf from birth. I have done well with Annie the boxer but Ruby is a different story. Ruby is attached to me. She picks fights with Annie every day. Serious fights! She won't let Annie near me, sometimes my husband also.

Ruby would be best in an only dog home. Not too many outside stairs. Definitely a fenced in yard. Loves people and children, needs older children, she is a jumper and too much for my 3 y/o granddaughter. She eats across the kitchen from Annie. I have to sit in a stool and wait for Annie to finish. She lays down until Annie is done then I pick up the bowls. I can touch her food while she is eating. But she will fight Annie if I walk away. That happened once. She uses the doggie door all of the time. She is a very loving dog. She sleeps with me at night and is an early riser. 6 to 7 am and is ready for bed by 7pm. I am still working on some potty training, she gets better every day. She loves to run. 

Ruby's birthday is in December (she will be 1). She will be spayed before she is adopted. 

Ruby is located in Winchester, Virginia.

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