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Poppy is an 18 month old border collie with a heart bursting with love.
Poppy is a bubbly, excitable dog but also has a very loving and gentle nature. She adores all people, plays very well with other dogs, and is good with cats as well. It appears that early on in her life she might not have gotten a lot of attention, so she does seem to have some separation anxiety. Poppy would do best in a home where people are around ofter, and/or where there are other pets. 

Poppy is smart and eager to please, so she is taking to training very quickly. Her main challenge is resisting the urge to smother you with kisses. Like most herding dogs she has a high energy level and loves to run, but as soon as you are sitting down all she wants to do is snuggle up beside you. She is learning to play with toys and has a goofy adorable pay style where she bounces around like a bunny. 

She was hit by a car at some point and did not receive appropriate medical care, so one of her back legs healed slightly crooked. It doesn't seem to affect her too much, but she does take medication to control inflammation and help with joint health.

Whatever Poppy's past was, it has led her to be a bit anxious- anxious to know that you love her, that she is safe and that she will have enough food. Her future home should be prepared to help her in her journey to feel secure, and she is making great progress in foster care. Her anxiety around food leads her to eat ravenously, so she currently uses a slow feeder. Fortunately, she shows absolutely no food aggression, and also is very responsive to training. 

Her anxiety also shows up in her desire to be around you at all times, and some challenges with impulse control such as jumping, licking your face, or wanting to sit directly on top of you. The more time she spends in her foster home however, the better she does with all of these impulses.  

Poppy is being fostered in Richmond, Virginia.

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