Pearl is a beautiful 2 year old Australian Shepherd, Australian Cattle Dog mix with exotic blue eyes. Her mother was a blue merle Australian Shepherd and her father was an Australian Cattle dog who had merle coloring in his genetic code. Unfortunately, two merle dogs should never have offspring because the double merle gene causes birth defects. In Pearl's case it caused deafness.


This lovely girl has no idea that she has a handicap. She is very affectionate, smart, energetic, and enthusiastic. She gets along well with other dogs, although she has some herding drive and sometimes gives a few nips. Pearl needs a home with a securely fenced yard and a loving, patient family that will teach her sign language so she will be able to understand commands. She absolutely thrives on affection and attention. If Pearl could understand commands she would be a phenomenal companion.


If you have in experience in training deaf dogs please consider adding this beautiful, sweet girl to your family.