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Nessie is a courtesy listing. We will forward all requests for information about Nessie to her owner.

Nessie is a very sweet, 6yo, 50-lb, shepherd mix who is looking for a new family in a single-pet home. She is very loving, but after some big life changes Nessie became very reactive to other dogs when indoors and needs to be with someone who has no other pets. She has really been a perfect dog other than her dog/cat-reactivity. Ideally she would be with someone who is not a first-time dog-owner. She doesn't have much experience with kids and would probably do best with ages ~10 and up, although all interactions with babies and younger children have gone well.


She is very affectionate, especially with men, loves to meet new humans, and loves to earn treats and praise with tricks (sit, down, "hug," stay in one "place" and more). Nessie is playful (medium energy level), but she also loves to snooze in the sun or cuddle up on the couch with you. She even acted like a therapy dog for a family member in hospice, providing a great deal of comfort with gentle cuddles.


Nessie can be alone during the workday (no separation anxiety), is crate-trained and house-broken (literally never had an accident inside over 6 years), is microchipped, spayed, and up to date on all vaccines (just got boosters and a clear vet check-up on 4/18/23). She'd love a yard but has also lived in smaller apartments with good walks. Nessie is very gentle with treats, and regularly gets compliments on her demeanor and behavior - her family did a training program to not pull on the leash, and it worked! Nessie will be the perfect dog for a home with only humans in it, and I am happy to talk about her and arrange a meet-up.

Please click the 'Inquire' button to ask about Nessie. Nessie would love to meet you!

Nessie is located in Charlottesville, VA

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