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Lucy is a courtesy listing for NVSR.  We will forward all requests for information about Lucy to them.

Looking for a strong, very athletic dog to take on long hikes and train for agility or herding?  A dog that will be thrilled to jump in your lap for a snuggle in between active play sessions?  Lucy may be just the dog for you.  Beautiful Lucy never met a human she didn’t love.  She craves affection and really wants to cuddle very close to her favorite humans.  But she’s also happy to cuddle with guests she just met for the first time.  She doesn’t understand that she’s a little big to be a lap dog, but your lap is where she wants to be if she can find a way to fit.

At the same time, Lucy is a very high energy puppy who needs lots of exercise and activities to keep her busy.  She loves to run and play chase with other dogs. Her ability to turn on a dime and move with amazing grace and speed suggest she is a great candidate for agility and other dog sports. Her foster mom says, “Lucy is very, very smart and eager to please, both of which make her easy to train.” But due to her size and strength, she will need a strong adopter who can keep her safe until she receives all the training she needs.

Lucy was transferred to NVSR from a small rural shelter where she was left in their drop box.  As a result, we know nothing about her history or why she was relinquished.  It is clear that someone spent time training her in some areas.  She has a perfect recall.  And she immediately gets in her crate when given the cue, “Crate.”  She is reliably housetrained.  She came to NVSR, however, with no leash training.  Our guess is that she was allowed to run off leash on a farm or in a large fenced yard but never walked on leash.  Her foster parents are working on leash training with her, using a special no-pull harness.  But her adopter must be prepared to continue these efforts.  She is reactive to squirrels and birds and will pull strongly toward them when she sees them on walks.

We believe that this handsome girl is an Australian Shepherd/Sheltie mix. She has the intelligence, high energy, eagerness to learn, and need for a job that characterize both breeds.  But her size, strength, and very outgoing temperament are more common in Aussies.

The right home for Lucy must include a large, securely fenced yard and a dog-savvy adopter who has plenty of time to play with Lucy and practice all the cues she needs to learn in a good basic obedience course.  Her adopter must be strong enough to control her on leash until she fully masters leash-training skills. Lucy would enjoy young energetic canine companions in her forever home.  But she would not be a good match for older dogs who would object to her constant pestering to play.  She could be happy as an only dog if her humans gave her enough attention and exercise.  She would not be a good match for families with small children because her exuberance might knock them down in her attempts to give affection. (She tried to get in the lap of a small nine-year-old girl to give her kisses.)

Lucy is a big, strong, very affectionate puppy who will make an awesome companion for an adopter willing to invest time and attention in training and challenging her.

Lucy is …..13 months old, weighs 48 pounds, and is 20 inches tall.


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