Lilly is a 3yrs old Australian Shepherd mix that I  need to surrender.  She is very good with kids and she is a super sweet loving dog.  Her issues are that she is very territorial. We live in a neighborhood and our home does not provide any space for her to run.  If I take her on walks she is friendly and good with people but she has always been protective when strangers come to the house. 


Two weeks ago there was an incident where she apparently nicked a utility person doing work near my house.  They were outside my house in the back cutting trees off the power lines. When I went to take my dogs outside on leash, I did not realize how close the utility worker was to my back door. Lilly pulled away from me and she moved her head in a way that she slipped out of her collar. She was barking and charging him but I never saw her bite him.  I managed to get her back in but then animal control came and said the man had a small nick and claimed it was from Lilly. She is not a bad dog and has never bitten anyone and I really don't believe that she intentionally nicked him. She was just trying to protect me and our home and I think she was trying to scare him and maybe got too close.


We unfortunately have to surrender her now. If you are interested in Lilly, please submit a contact information form. 


Located in Radford, VA