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Cinder is a one year old border collie mix with the absolute best personality! She looks a little bit like a cross between a wolf and a bear with a lanky frame and a big fluffy head, but she is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. 


She is a medium energy dog, which is very unusual for her age. She loves other dogs and all people. She gets along with cats and also does well with kids. She is very bright and receptive to training, although she is still working on not jumping sometimes when she is excited to see you and a little bit of chewing when she is left alone.


Cinder is an extreme velcro dog! She wants to be wherever you are. She gives the best cuddles. Cinder will thrive in just about any home as long as she gets lots of attention from her people! She can be a little jealous of other dogs get attention, and she will try to squeeze in to get some scratches and pets as well, but she doesn’t show any aggression and still clearly loves other dogs. She plays great with her foster siblings and at the dog park, and likes to snuggle or lay next to her foster siblings whenever she is napping. 

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