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Boone is a courtesy listing. We will forward all requests for information about Boone, to his owner.

Children:   Not a Good Fit

Other Dogs:  Not a Good Fit

Cats:  Not a Good Fit

Boone's Story:

Boone is around 6-7 years old.  He's spent most of his life so far in a pen (probably 5-6 years) with little to no interaction.  We convinced his owner to let us have him so that he could have a better life.  He's very smart and picks up training very quickly.  I think he would enjoy agility training or some other activity to help ease his energy and anxiety.  He's the best car riding dog I've ever been around.  He's content to snooze while you drive, and you almost forget he's even in the car.   He walks well on a leash and continues to improve on not reacting to other dogs that pass by.   He's a good jogging buddy also.  I think Boone is probably somewhere between Sport and Working.  He would benefit from as much exercise and mental stimulation as possible.  He's healthy and up to date on shots and heartworm/flea/tick prevention.


We need to rehome Boone because our other male dog (Sammy) is territorial and wants to fight Boone.  This makes Boone (and us humans!) feel stressed and threatened.  Boone gets along fine with our two female dogs.  In fact, one of them bosses him around a good bit and he doesn’t mind.  


We have been working with a trainer/behaviorist to try to mend the relationship between the two males, but it has become apparent that a different home would be the best option for Boone.   The behaviorist thinks that Boone would be fine with a female dog companion and possibly ok around older kids (teenagers) who are comfortable and experienced with smart working dogs.  He's very interested in our cats.  While he's never attempted to hurt one of them, I think he would need supervised interaction with them.    


He loves his people but takes a bit to warm up to/trust strangers.  He prefers to be right by your side and will let you know when he feels he’s too far away from you.  I think this could ease up after some time in a stable/calm home.   He is frightened of some fireworks and occasionally thunder.    He does mark some in our house, but we think this is due to the territorial squabble with the other male.    


We are happy  to have helped Boone get out of the bad situation he was in and want to ensure that he finds his perfect forever home.  Sadly for us, that needs to be with someone else.  He’s a beautiful Border Collie and will make a great dog.  


Does the dog have any medical issues?   No


Does the dog have any history of aggression such as growling, lunging, snapping or biting any adult or child?:   We have been bitten trying to break up fights between the two dogs (not sure if it was Boone or the other dog).  When Boone is feeling threatened or in the heat of a fight, he can redirect and snap at you. 


Does the dog have any history of aggression toward other animals?:   As mentioned above, our other male dog has not taken to Boone and is being aggressive with him.  They have gotten into several fights. I think this aggression is instigated by the other dog, but it's probably best if Boone is either an only dog or with female dogs only.  


Reason for re-homing?  After getting Boone out of the bad situation, we had hoped to make him part of our family.  However, our other male dog is very aggressive with him.  They have gotten into several fights.  We've been working with a behaviorist/trainer to try to mitigate the situation, but it seems to be getting worse.   We think Boone would be happier in another home and would be less stressed if he was the only male dog.  

Location: Greenville, South Carolina

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