Please note: Bodie is a courtesy listing, we are listing him for a private individual. We will forward any inquiries about him, to his family.


Bodie is a good dog, but needs some socialization.  He’s nervous in new places at first.   He’s progressing well in his canine class we have been taking him to.  It’s one-on -one for now, but he feels Bodie will be able to move to “the class” after one more training session with him. Bodie does not play well with my labradors, he herds them and then gets mad when they don’t do what he wants them to do – then the fights start. So he has to stay either in the house or be turned out by himself.  He is good with calm dogs however.   He doesn’t fence fight them and loves them through the fence, but he just can’t deal with the high activity once they are out.   I have a 1 year old grand daughter that has her hands and sometime her whole arm in is crate.  He loves her, but unless he’s on a leash, we can’t let him out as he is too hyper around her.

Update: July 30 - Bodie is much better with other dogs now.   Still likes to herd them, so the other dog would still need to be patient.   He can jump to the moon, and loves it!   He has gotten out of his puppy destruction faze, so is now more focused on training.  

He is always welcomed back if things don’t work out.  He is an indoor dog and needs  a fenced in  yard.  He will chase a cat outside, but doesn’t bother the 2 in the house.

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Bodie lives in Fredericksburg, VA