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Barney is a playful and affectionate 2 year old border collie mix. He loves people and other dogs. He is crate and house trained and has easily learned basic commands.


Barney loves laying in the garden & bouncing a ball to himself. He also wrestles and plays tug with his foster brother (a coonhound mix). He is not cat tested but is clearly well socialized with other dogs. He tries to chase backyard wildlife but doesn’t appear to have a high prey drive.


Barney sticks close to his person but is perfect in his crate when people are out. He also sleeps quietly in his crate at night. He is making progress on watching calmly from the window when his foster mom gardens.


Barney’s ideal situation is in a house with another dog. He’s very playful & comfortable around other dogs & it gives him another family member to focus on. He has plenty of energy for hikes but also enjoys a long snooze by your feet.

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