Andy is a handsome Border Collie/Australian Shepherd who weighs 58 pounds. This good looking boy is about 18 months old. He is good natured, affectionate, and playful with a nice energy level that isn't over the top. Andy is a little shy with people he doesn't know, but is a love bug once he gets to know you. He had apparently never been on a leash until he came into rescue, and had very little training. Luckily he is a fast learner and he now walks on a leash fairly well, comes when called, and is crate trained.


Andy gets along well with other dogs and enjoys a good romp. The toes on his left front foot are missing; he came into the shelter that way so we don't know what happened. It doesn't bother him at all, but he does have a slight limp since having no toes makes that leg a little shorter.


Andy needs a loving home with a big fenced yard, since he loves to play outside when the weather is nice. His family will need to continue his confidence building with positive training and lots of love.